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Carlson SurvCE 6.0, SurvPC 6.0

Carlson SurvCE is the first choice in data collection software with advanced, yet easy-to-use functionality. SurvCE contains the most complete tool set for file manipulation, point storing, stakeout, line work, field-to-finish, on-instrument DWG and DXF support, background maps, COGO, advanced roading and robotic instrument support.

Purchase the software for use on your existing data collector (SurvCE), on a field PC (SurvPC) or bundled with a data collector.

Carlson SurvCE includes a complete manual, and all of the support programs needed for operation. (Unlike competing programs you don't need a desktop software package to utilize SurvCE.)

If you are looking for a great handheld receiver, with the brightest VGA screen and Carlson SurvCE bundled, check out the CHC LT-30!

We also offer Carlson SurvCE pre-bundled on these devices:
[ LT-30 ]  [ Nautix X8 ]  [ Ranger 3 ]  [ Surveyor2 ]


SurvCE / SurvPC

Free standard shipping is included for all Carlson Software Products. Software activation codes will be delivered electronically within two days of your order or sooner. Demo / evaluation copies are available for most Carlson products, call us to get demo codes.

  SurvCE 6.x (Windows Mobile and WinCE Devices)
Part Number Description MSRP  
6506.001.000 SurvCE Basic 6.xx (Contains TS Only) $995.00
6506.002.000 SurvCE Robotic SurvCE 6.xx [Requires SurvCE Basic (TS)] $500.00
6506.003.000 SurvCE GPS SurvCE 6.xx [Requires SurvCE Basic (TS)] $1,000.00
6506.003.001 SurvCE SurvCE 6.xx GPS Only SurvCE $1,250.00
6506.004.000 Advanced Roading SurvCE 6.0 [Requires SurvCE Basic (TS) or GPS] $500.00
  Upgrades from previous SurvCE versions:
Part Number Description MSRP  
6506.606.999 SurvCE 6.xx Upg from SurvCE 5.xx 150.00
6506.606.103 SurvCE 6.xx Upg from SurvCE 4.xx 300.00
6506.606.102 SurvCE 6.xx Upg from SurvCE 3.xx 450.00
6506.606.101 SurvCE 6.xx Upg from SurvCE 2.xx 600.00
  SurvPC 6.x (for use on Windows)    
Part Number Description MSRP  
6606.001.000 SurvPC Basic (Contains TS Only) $1,500.00
6606.002.000 SurvPC Robotic [Requires SurvPC Basic (TS)] $500.00
6606.003.000 SurvPC GPS [Requires SurvPC Basic (TS)] $1,000.00
6606.003.001 SurvPC GPS Only [Does not Requires SurvPC Basic (TS)] $1,750.00
6606.004.000 Advanced Roading [Requires SurvPC Basic (TS) or GPS] $500.00
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